“Nobody can kick me out of Barcelona” Iniesta warns Coutinho

Andreas Iniesta insists that club record sign, Philippe Coutinho is not at the club to displace him.

Barcelona acquired the Brazilian international midfielder, smashing their summer transfer for the acqisition of Dembele.

And there have been talks that Coutinho was bought to replace Iniesta.


But Iniesta has dismiss such talks, he said to Ondo Cero: “I’m a player for this club and I always said that only the best can play for this club,” Upon Coutinho’s arrival to Barcelona.

“That makes Coutinho one of the best. He is young and has an innate talent, while Barcelona are a club where he can keep growing.

“There can never be a player that will make me retire or kick me out of here. At 33 years of age, that’s not an issue. Coutinho has come here to improve.

“I’m happy he’s one of the best players in his position. He has the things that we like.


“He’s a quick and skillful player. He links up very well, uses both feet very well, creates goals and scores them.

“He will find a very good environment here to grow well. The money we paid for him is another thing.

“The price of the market decides what a player is worth. Beyond the madness, we must be happy that he’s our.”


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